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Sports Injury Clinic

Our team is highly experienced at working with sports people ranging from professional athletes to health enthuiasts.

Osteopathy is an extremely effective form of treatment, management and rehabilitation of sports/exercise related problems. Whether you are an athlete or just exercising for health and fun, the less time you're away from your sport due to injury the better.

Our treatment goes beyond simply getting you back to your sport quickly, we also offer comprehensive programmes which prevent injury whilst preparing and training for an event/competition e.g. marathons, contact sports, dancing, netball, rackets sports, horse riding, bodybuilding etc

Our Unique Co-management Approach to resolving Sports Injuries
We offer all of our sports injury patients the opportunity to work with TWO practitioners to achieve the best possible recovery and to help completely resolve your injury.
co management osteopathy and rehabilitation

1. Your Osteopath

Your Osteopath will take a full medical history and will diagnose the exact nature of your injury. They will then work with you providing Osteopathic treatment to help resolve your pain and get you moving freely as quickly as possible.

2. Your Rehabilitation Specialist
Your Rehabilitation Specialist will perform additional testing when your pain has reduced. They will design a rehabilitation programme to fully rehabilitate your injury, address any weaknesses, muscle imbalances or factors which would put you at risk of your pain returning...and much more!

Patients are offered the opportunity to work with our rehabilitation team regularly in our onsite Rehabilitation Studio for the best possible recovery. For patients who wish to exercise by themselves at home with minimal equipment we can design a simpler home rehabilitation programme.

Sports Conditioning Programmes
If you are looking for an advanced Sports Specific Conditioning Porgrammes click here

Contact us today on 01268795705 to discuss your individual problem or to book a full 1 hour consultation with treatment

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Maureen Sage – World, European & British Power Lifting Champion
"Thanks for all your help during the world championships"

John Damjanovic - Dance Teacher & Owner of 'The Western Dance Centre' Hadleigh

"I am a dance teacher doing allot of physical work during the week and quite often I need atreatment to put my body back in working shape. The treatment I and all my Dance students have received has always been very helpful and highly professional and I would happily recommend Clarks surgery to everyone!"

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